Sliding Fee Scale

Sliding Fee Scale Discount Patient Program

“What is the Sliding Fee Scale discount?”
A Sliding Fee Scale is a payment model Anointed Health Providers will use to care for patients who cannot afford quality health care.  For example, those with low-income or who need to self-pay. It allows AHP to provide quality healthcare to patients who would otherwise be unable to afford our services.

“How do I qualify?”
Your discounts and fees are based upon the number of people in your household and the total amount of annual income of your household.

As a guide, please refer to the graphics below, and contact our office to
ask questions or to apply.

“How do I apply?”
Anointed Health Partners utilizes an independent health navigation team (CareAdvisors) to facilitate the qualification process for the Sliding Fee / Discount Patient program. Please click here to download the application, which also includes complete information about the program and a Patient Information worksheet.

“Are there any restrictions?”
Per the stipulations of this program created by the independent health navigation team CareAdvisors, there are rules and regulations that govern the program’s patient participation. This information is included in Appendix III of the Application,  but can also be accessed by clicking here.